The first ever documentary film to give the viewer the real inside story on the controversial profession of bounty hunting. Narrated by VAL KILMER, the film follows the life of "World Famous Bounty Hunter" Leonard Padilla as he teaches his trade to former cop, Rob Dick.

When fugitives are on the run and have evaded all attempts at capture, there's only one bounty hunting team to call: Leonard Padilla - "The Godfather of Bail," and his partner Rob Dick. Leonard is the bounty hunter the bail bond agencies call when they have come to dead ends, and are running out of time. 

Four 1-hr shows.

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PACKAGE SET 1 - all four 1 hour DVD’s for $50.00

TRAILER for the National Geographic Channels


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PACKAGE SET 2 - all four 1 hour DVD’s and 2 hour DVD for $70.00

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