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Taser International requires for User Certification:


  1. 1.Complete minimum 6 hours of instruction.

  2. 2.Pass written examination

  3. 3.Pass functional test

  4. 4.Discharge two TASER cartridges

Make sure the class you take is taught by a Taser Certified Instructor.


All exposures will be video recorded and a copy will be provided to student for their own records.

All students will receive a certificate and wallet card.   

taser certification
Limit liability by being certified by a taser certified instructor
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The device known to the public as "Taser"* has changed the Use of Force Continuum in the bail fugitive recovery industry, but do you know how to use this Self-Defense device without exposing involved persons to potentially harmful conditions? 

Two certificates - satisfy your annual continuing bail education requirements while, at the same time, having the chance to get Taser Certified!


*Taser is the brand name of the electronic control device produced by Taser International.

Also available:

Preserve your voluntary exposure forever, suitable for your home or office wall.  Framed with exposure photos, date, time, place and the actual Taser barbs proving to anyone - you took a real Taser exposure.

*Must have taken a voluntary exposure in class.

only   $75.00
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