In our line of work we constantly encounter aggressive dogs. With the pocket-sized hand held Dazer II, you will be able to make dogs retreat and keep them away without being audible to the human ear therefore keeping your movement still stealth. 

The Dazer II helps to maintain a safe zone around the user and the Dazer II keeps threatening dogs under control.  After the dog hears the sound of the Dazer II, the dog retreats and you can continue on your way.  Even the most fearful dog turns into a timid dog by hearing the Dazer II.

The Dazer II is technically advanced and durable by design.  By pressing the button the Dazer II emits a high frequency sound heard by dogs and cats, but is harmless and barely perceptible by humans.   Audible sound is effective from 30 to 50 feet, it is most effective and discomforting at 7 to 25 feet.  The Dazer II weighing only 4.5 ounces, is made of durable lightweight ABS plastic and has a handy clip for fitting to a belt or pocket.  The Dazer II is pocket-sized and can be hand held.  The 9 volt alkaline battery is good for more than 1000 sound bursts of 1 or 2 seconds and will last 2 or 3 years or even longer.

The Dazer II is the ideal dog deterrent for walkers, joggers and cyclists. But also for bounty hunters, bail recovery, bail agents, postmen, meter-readers, policemen, real estate agents and the gardener.  The Dazer II enables the user to correct the behavior of the dog and stop it from barking excessively.  All our customers have had very positive feedback about the Dazer II.

The sound is physically harmless to animals when used properly, not for use on dogs and cats unnecessarily.

Price: $30.00

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