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Zak Tool is a very lightweight key with carbon fiber body and stainless key that is 3 1/2" long. Angled double lock pin. Includes key ring. Opens most standard handcuffs.  $10.00

Carbon fiber pocket handcuff key, black finish. Opens most standard handcuffs. $10.00

Flat knurl pink handcuff key has a polymer solid pink body with stainless steel tip. The pink color will not wear off. Key ring included. Opens most standard handcuffs.  $10.00

Perfect Fit Bikini Style Handcuff Case, lightweight and low profile. Genuine leather, plain black finish, bikini handcuff holder with easily removable belt clip; fits on standard 2 1/4" duty belt – will not fit Pink ASP cuffs.  $17.00

CUFF LOCK™ is a handcuff key padlock that opens with any standard handcuff key. Used for prisoner transport, just one key opens handcuffs and padlock on restraint chain or belt. No more worries if the padlock key is lost. The lock has a solid brass body with hardened steel shackle. Good for gun racks, first aid kits, lockers, and many other applications. Keys not included.   $10.00

Holds one pair standard size chain or hinged handcuffs, sewn web belt loop, fits belt up to 2 1/4", high quality molded nylon construction with velcro closure

– will not fit Pink ASP cuffs.  $15.00

ASP Scarab Restraint Cutter

Eliminate accidents. The unique design of this ASP Scarab Restraint Cutter uses compound leverage and a piercing blade to promote safe removal of disposable restraints. Recessed blade cannot injure subjects. Can be clipped to Key Ring or carried in vest or BDU.  $30.00

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